Cystoscopy is an interventional examination in which the Urologist reviews the bladder. This test can be performed on men, women and even children for purely diagnostic purposes.

Cystoscope is a tool equipped with special cold lighting, optical camera, and digital recording while there is a corresponding fluid (saline) input, so that during the entrance of the tool, the pathway as well as the bladder can be enlarged, for the purpose of its overview.

With cystoscopy in men, the entire length of the urethra, the prostate gland, and the bladder are reviewed. In women, the examination is simpler since the width of the urethra is 2-3 cm.

In the past, cystoscopy was an unpleasant test for the patient, as the widely used cystoscopes were large in diameter and metallic and required a general suppression of the patient in order to remain completely motionless.

Painless cystoscopy

In our institute, we conduct flexible fiber optic cystoscopy so this diagnostic test is now painless, highly tolerated by the patient, atraumatic, without requiring general or regional anesthesia, without requiring hospitalization while the patient can immediately return to his / her activities.

Cystoscopy with flexible fiber optic cystoscope is painless as a test. It can be performed with local anesthesia at the doctor’s office, as long as the appropriate equipment is in place and all the required hygiene and antiseptic rules are met. Patient co-operation is of great importance in performing the test, and the test area should be warm, friendly and clean and the involvement of people as small as possible.

An anesthetic gel is applied locally and after 10 minutes the flexible cystoscope is inserted into the patient’s urethra with gentle manipulations. Due to the elasticity of the optical fibers, its small caliber and soft construction material, the flexible cystoscope readily follows the body’s normal curves and is readily tolerated by the patient. This contributes to the good cooperation of the physician with the patient, to a more reliable diagnosis but also to the patient’s immediate return to their daily activities. He / she may even return to work after completing the test, which takes about 10 minutes.

Cystoscopy and Hematuria

Hematuria, microscopic or macroscopic, is a symptom, not a disease. It requires thorough investigation by the Urologist as it often accompanies – in addition to simple diseases (simple cystitis, renal colic) – urinary malignancies, the early diagnosis of which usually leads to complete cure.

Cystoscopy has always been and remains the cornerstone of hematuria investigation. Today, that is performed painlessly, it is possible for the patient who visits an organized urological clinic, to be immediately and promptly diagnosed.

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