Vaginal Relaxation

Relaxation of the vagina afflicts a significant number of women. The main groups facing this problem are women who have recently given birth, women who are lifting weights and women who are in the perimenopausal period. In addition to the stress of childbirth or weight, hormonal changes and especially estrogen depletion cause these changes in the area causing significant problems for these women. Their sexuality is compromised while becoming prone to infections and many of them also have urinary incontinence.
Treatment of vaginal relaxation at our institute is done with FRACTIONAL LASER CO2 which is applied intravaginally, without pain, in a short session of about 15 minutes.

After birth rehabilitation

Indeed, after childbirth, but also from the effects of hormonal changes, before and immediately after pregnancy, the vagina and perinatal area lose their elasticity, rose color and vigor. The period usually required for them to return to their former condition is approximately 3 months, and it is uncertain whether they will be fully restored. Often there is incontinence, psychogenic decrease in libido, and increased darkening of the area.

Usually 3 session treatments are required and the results are visible after the first days of application.

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