The method

In each urological patient, in order to be assessed correctly and accurately, a complete and detailed urological study is performed. This allows for an in-depth diagnostic analysis of each patient’s problem and for the individual approach to be highly individualized, so that we can reach the highest possible diagnostic accuracy rates.

In our institute the urological study is performed in EVERY PATIENT and includes:
  • A detailed history of all the patient’s diseases and a simultaneous update of the digital file.
  • Thorough Clinical Examination (examination of vital signs, abdomen, finger examination etc.)
  • Urological imaging for the mapping of the architecture of the Urological system
  • Study of functionality

We never forget that rare cases in medicine concern people, and even people who do not have a distinctive so that we can easily distinguish them. Our philosophy is to be on alert so that we can be diagnose and resolve even these situations.

Depending on the type of problem and the patient’s desire, it can be IMMEDIATELY enriched with:

  • Transrectal Prostate Ultrasound
  • Urodynamic Testing
  • Uroflowmetry
  • Painless & Bloodless Cystoscopy with Flexible Fiber Optic Cystoscope
  • Collection of biological fluids which require immediate testing e.g. urine cultures, syphilis detection, etc.
  • Selective cytological examinations and urine cultures via endoscopy to achieve greater diagnostic accuracy
  • Men Test PAP to detect HPV
  • Instant PSA detection
  • Endoscopic catheter installation for difficult cases where simple catheterization fails
  • Enaminations and improvement of male fertility
Of course, wherever required, treatment can be started or performed entirely at our institute, as discussed above.

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