Infertility is an issue that concerns the couple and not individually the man or the woman of the couple. When a couple is trying without effect to conceive for at least 1 year of regular unprotected intercourse, then it is considered that the couple is experiencing an infertility problem.

It is now estimated that 1 in 3 couples will have even minor infertility problems, a rate which may increase depending on the age of the couple. In these cases, 30-40% is due only to the male factor (male infertility).

Investigating male infertility

In the investigation of male infertility, a proper medical history and clinical examination are vital.

When receiving medical history, causes of infertility related to diseases such as diabetes mellitus, mumps, previous surgery in the androgenic system, will be sought, as well as sexual history.

Information will be also obtained on any harmful environmental and / or occupational factors such as frequent contact with organic solutions, dyes, heat, oil products, dyes and heavy metals.

Some drugs that have been proven to affect spermatogenesis are spironolactone (diuretic), calcium channel blockers (anti-hypertensive), anti-androgens, high dose nitrofurantoin (antibiotic), cimetrogastric, cimetidor (anti-inflammatory) and erythromycin (antibiotic).

During the clinical examination, the architectural integrity of the genital tract and the presence of varicocele will be examined, while secondary sexual characteristics such as hair growth, muscle mass and tone of voice will be examined as well.

Semen analysis

A key tool in a man’s fertility check is the sperm diagram (semen analysis). The sperm diagram is a very simple test that checks the fertility of a man. You can learn more about the sperm diagram by clicking here.
Male infertility is a condition that requires careful investigation. Its causes may be more than one, with the most common being varicocele. However, the couple has many options, as long as the couple can consult the Urologist and hear his / her suggestions.
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